Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays (which ever you choose to celebrate..or not!)

In the Photo: My Own Personal Goof Troop --> Kayleigh-Ann (3), beside her Trelin (4) and on the opposite side of the table is Lindberg (the big brother, age 5).

Happy Holidays people! (I won't say only 'Merry Christmas', I'm sure not everybody following me doesn't celebrate Christmas, so Happy Holidays to you- and Merry Christmas to the ones of us who do celebrate it)

Now that that's out the way. I just want to say "Thank God I'm blessed!" (Oh yeah, if you are a non-believer in God and feel offended by me mentioning my God and my blessings, you'd probably want to exit now. If you are a non-believer and can still respect my belief, then by all means- do read on... )

I say this because #1- I'm alive and well! #2- I'm broke as a joke, but I haven't missed a meal, have a very nice roof over my head, and have never gone naked... (well, if you count that one time... OHHHH Pish posh- just kidding people).

I think I mentioned before that I'm on call right now (Dec 23-26th 7am). Well my family decided that since I couldn't come to them for Christmas, they'd bring Christmas (dinner at least) to me. I'm so blessed to have such a fun and supportive family! Everybody came (well JUST ABOUT everybody). Wanna know who? Okay, I'll tell ya. My mom and dad, my sister (from Arkansas), my Granny (the best-est cook in the world!), my 3 aunts (Merle, Mary Jean, and Faye), My only maternal Uncle (BoBo- hey... we're from the country so lay off the names aight! LOL). My cousins Savannah and Denzel (Aunt Merle's two), Marcus (Aunt Faye's son...Uncle David stayed home...), PJ (Uncle Bo's son, Trilana, the sister and Martha Ann the wife were no where to be found... kinda typical though..), Shericka (Aunt Mary Jean's daughter), and the best of all Linberg, Trelin, and Kayleigh-Ann (Uncle Bo's grand kids/Trilana's kids...ages 5,4 and 3 respectively). Good times folks and good food! YUUUMMM!

I gave the kids their 'early Christmas gifts'. Told them I had spoken to Santa when he stopped by here to take a break. He knew they would be here and left a package for them if they were good. I... I mean SANTA got the boys a BUMBLEBEE Transformer action figure, and the fashionista, 3 y/o Kayleigh-Ann got the newest in Kiddy fashion- Princess Tiana suit (with a hood...she's obsessed with hooded wear now). They loved it! I gave the girls (my sister, Shericka, and Savannah) Faith rings. Gave the aunts 'best aunt necklaces'. The other gifts will be given when I get home on the 26th.

My most favorite part of the whole day was when the food was ready. My mom fixed the kid's plates and put them at the counter. Before meals big family meals, the family elder blesses the food. It's my Granny now. When she started, Trelin said, "WAIT, GANNY (because he can't quite get that 'R' in GRANNY)..wait, I wanna do it today okay... Imma do it good too.' Granny told him, 'yes you may say grace Tre.' Tre says to all of us, 'you have to put your hands like this (he puts his hands together in the 'prayer position'), and you gotta put your head down like this(bows his head). Then he began to recite the Lord's Prayer. When he finished, he said 'see Ganny, I did it, and I did it all by myself, just like Paw Paw did'. It was cute that he volunteered to do it, and even cuter that he said 'I did it like Paw Paw did'. Paw Paw is my grandfather, his great grand father who died about 2 or 3 years ago, when Tre was about 1 or 2 years old. I don't know how Tre remembers Paw Paw praying before meals, I don't even care how he knows, I just feel like THAT was a sure sign that my Paw Paw was among us today!

My heart is filled and I'm so excited that I'm from the blood line of such a wonderful family!

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  1. Dear Ms. Sylaneous,

    Thanks so much for stopping by! Judging by your observations – I've never before conveyed myself so well in a post (*winks*). It was generous of you to comment, and I appreciate it. Truth is, it's hard for me to be sad about not having a family, cos I never really had one. So I don't have a concept of what, if anything, I'm missing. I always say, "It's like a fish don't know it's wet."

    With regard to you not having been in a relationship (ever) over Christmas/New Year/Birthday periods. That is a bit unfortunate and slightly unusual (but not weird or odd thou). However, on the up side, that means you've never had to waste a Birthday/New Year/Christmas with someone who turned out to be: a low-down, gutter-water-drinking, mangey-flea-ridden, DOG! The way I see it, it's like this…Mother Nature is nothing, if not an AMAZING accountant - she (also a bachelorette) ALWAYS balances the books. So, the fact that you never had that experience yet, means you got some SWEETNESS coming your way (when Mother Nature is ready of course). I really do believe that.

    Thanks so much for writing your Christmas post and sharing your Christmas with me. Uncle Bobo tickled me, the picture of the children (or "chirens" as I know "country folks" say it) warmed me, you enlightened me and "Ganny's" cooking made me lick my fingers!! I'm so, so glad "Paw Paw" showed up too.

    I hope you can feel the warmth I'm sending to you and your wonderful "bloodline" over in New Orleans...

    And please, do keep me posted on the hand Mother Nature deals you…