Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BET is the new KKK? c'monnnn get real!


Apparently I'm not very good with the find details of this blogging thing, BUT the link above (if you can click it, please do, if you can't please copy and paste it in your URL bar) is a pretty interesting read. It's the opinion of a man stating that BET is the new KKK. He says this because KKK was known for the terrorizing and murders of countless black men back in the day. This author alleges that media (such as BET) is now responsible for the murders of blacks by blacks.

Personally, I can't say I would EVER place the blame on media for the downfall of our black communities. I blame the lack of parenting on the downfall. I WILL agree that the media does play a role. It plays a role in 'substituting' as parent when parents are too young and ignorant to teach their kids what's right from wrong. I mean, as a child I didn't listen to 'hard core rap' in my house. BUT as soon as I was old enough to do slumber parties and go out with my friends, I was exposed to ALLLL of the negativity my parents tried to shelter me from. While they were sheltering me, they were also teaching me to NOT idolize the 'CHARACTERS' seen in the rap videos and such. So even when I heard those Tupac, Biggie, NWA lyrics, they only resonated to me as a snazzy beat to bob my head to. I NEVER had the notion to want to fight another person because of the music. I NEVER had the urge to shoot somebody JUST because the song suggested it.

So what I'm saying is, it's my opinion that we need to stop blaming the media for the short comings and look in the mirrors to see the real weapon of mass destruction in our black community- our selves!

Get it together US..... Stop pointing finger and start making points to better self and others!