Sunday, November 29, 2009

Back to work on tomorrow...and I gotta vent!

This week I was on vacation! YES- excellent. I was glad to have a break from horrible teeth for a minute. I was good that I had the vacay, but was a little pissed that all my co-residents end up with 2 extra days of vacation time. See, after our Oral Surgery rotation and our ER rotation, we get the 4th week as vacation time. Well, my Oral surgery vacation started Nov 23 (my b-day) and went through Thanksgiving break. That was okay, BUT- if you count up the days... everybody else got their FULL week vacation at some point PLUS Thurs and Fri for Thanksgiving, and mine were 'built in'. I PERSONALLY don't think it's fair, but hey- so is life right?!?!

Anyway, spent the Saturday (Nov 21) in Mississippi as I usually do for the JSU/ASU Capital City Classic/Soul Bowl with my child hood friends. I didn't have a particularly good time there. I'm not sure why. It may be because I was just truly bored because of the rain that put a damper on the weekend, OR it could have been my mind being pre occupied with the issue of my recent break up with my on again off again boyfriend of 5 years. Either way, I did try to enjoy my self.

On Monday (my 30th b-day) I traveled back to New Orleans. I spent the WHOLE day alone... chillin on my sofa in my favorite red plaid pj bottoms and tank top. Ehhh not exciting, but I spent my day the way my day wanted to be spent I guess. WWHHOO-HOOO celebration right? HA- yeah right!

Tuesday my cousin came from Houston, and we drove to Mississippi on Wednesday, to our parents' house. He hadn't been home in FOREVER so his mom (my aunt) and his little sister were very excited to see him.

Wednesday afternoon, my dad and I drove to Jonesboro Arkansas to my little sister's house to meet my mom, grandma, and 3 little cousins. The family (all aunts, and kids) came for Thanksgiving. It was like one huge slumber party! LOL all the kids (me and my 1st cousins and the 3 little ones) camped out in the living room on blankets and stuff. The adults got the beds and the rooms! LOL NoTHING like a 4 year old and a 5 year old who talks and walks in their sleep. I had to play supervisor allll night to make sure they didn't get to the door! One cousin slept by the back door to make sure. There was a pretty heavy chair in front of the front door and the garage door was unsecured because if one got out side, the garage was down. Fun times!

Well the Bayou Classic, traditionally the weekend after Thanksgiving, a game between Southern Jaguars and the GSU Tigers was SUPPOSED to be on and poppin. My friends from MS were invited. The plan was to continue my b-day celebration since the rain put a damper on the b-day events in Jackson. I mentioned it to them SEVERAL times... by 'several' I mean all day Friday, all day Saturday, and then on Sunday when I was packing to leave Jackson. I said on SEVERAL OCCASSIONS: 'hey guys, ya'll should all come down to New Orleans (3 hours away) this weekend'. Nobody said anything, nobody discussed anything. I get back to New Orleans on Saturday night, no phone call from any of them. Yes- I was a bit pissed! So- I spent the last of my NON-EVENTFUL b-day week/vacation week/Thanksgiving break alone on my sofa folding laundry! Way to bring in the 30's right?

Why did that piss me off that my friends didn't hang out with me? WELL, I'm glad you asked!
#1- I lived in Nashville for 6 years. The WHOLE while I was there, they NEVER came to visit. There were times when I needed my girls, ya know. No, I wasn't sick. No, I wasn't depressed, but there were times I missed them and COULDN'T get to MS to see them. When I did get to see them it was when I drove the 6 hours- by myself to go to Homecoming or Capital City Classic. That trip was funded by ME- alone. I understand one of them didn't get very many off days due to her job. I wasn't trippin about that. One was a teacher, with weekends off. The other one, who rarely hangs out anyway wasn't an issue with me...she's cool, she's a wife and mom, so she's excused. Another one is the cousin of the first one who is cool too, I've known her just as long. The cousin is a student, so has weekends off too. The ride to Nashville was about 6 hours. IF 3 of them came, they could SPLIT gas prices..of which I never could do on my trips to MS. They would already have a place to stay. I had a 2 br apt, 2 br sets, a large living room and huge sofa. I ALWAYS had food, so we didn't have to eat out. We coulda cooked. UNLIKE when I spend all my money (wait- mind you I was a student at the time, I had a little part time job PROBABLY 20 or fewer hours a week). I had to pay for gas for my truck to get there, I had to pay for food when I got there, I USUALLY was the driver when I got there (even after that 6 hour drive). I usually had to put in money for the 'liquor' of which I hardly drank when I got there. For 6 years I did this. ALLLLLL I was asking was that maybe- just maybe they visit ME for a change. The 'excuse' was usually - 'oh my car won't make it'. EVEN THOUGH all 3 had vehicles. True- one of them probably would't make it, but another had a BRAND NEW mustang. The other had some kind of Mazdza that was in great condition for a 6 hour drive. They eventually came for my graduation. I was REALLY excited. My friends (from about 5 years old) were finally coming to my adopted city of Nashville and we're gonna have a blast! Well- HA- joke was on me!!! They ONLY came for the ceremony! They came to eat afterwards at my dinner. I was expecting for them to start asking about the night's events, but nobody did. They just all kinda lookd a little nervous or unsure. I finally started announcing the eventes... the parties we'd hit up and so on. Only to hear, 'oh, ummmm we're not staying, we want to go shopping in Memphis. We're actually about to leave now, our bags are already in the car'. (SHOCKED FACE) WOW! Rain on my graduation parade! Oh well, my boyfriend was there, he and I, along with my classmates and my Nashville friends would certainly have a great time.

I always managed to get over them not visiting, but from time to time, the feelings of 'anger' and 'disappointment' creep back up. This latest event of them not visiting just kinda brought up all those past ill feelings. I don't wanna say anything to them because I'm sure nothing will change (you'll just have to know these girls, folks). Anyway, I find myself trynna figure out if it's me that's over reacting. Have we just grown apart since we've grown up? How and when was is it that it's been quietly decided that I would be the traveler? How have I been deemed the one with the most money to fund these trips? Should I be a lil pissed? I don't know??!!?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Twitter me this... Twitter me that!

So... I'm twittering now. No particulars reason. Wanna follow me? Well do so! I'm MissySippi on there!

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

One great era ending... and I'm still confused about men! Birthday Curse?

Well, tomorrow is my 30th birthday. Goodbye to the 20's (sigh). I've been thinking alot about the past 10 years. Thinking about how much I've accomplished and learned; and of course, about my shortcomings and disappointments. I want to take this time to thank a few people who have helped me to get to this point in my life. I probably won't name names, but if I do, and your name isn't listed, don't be offended... (and well, if you do get offended, I suggest you get over it... LOL it's my blog and it's written just how I'd like it written...mmkay?!?)
At the age of 21 -
I want to thank Mr. Liar for helping me conjur up strength that I never knew I had. Although it sucked that I devoted close to 8 years of my life to you and to us. I thank you for deciding to cheat, get her pregnant and eventually marry her. By you doing that, I realized there was more for me. Thanks for indirectly motivating me continue with my educational career and become who I am now. I don't doubt that you loved me for a time. I loved you too, I'm just thankful that somewhere along the line, after the hurt and pain, I was able to forgive you, move on and thrive. Thanks for helping me discover more of my determination and more of my strength.
To my girls (JCJC mainly) Bridgett, Tamikia, Pam, Ann, Janu, Tangie (and the rest of ya'll...) no need to really go into much, ya'll know I love ya'll and I L-O-V-E the foolishness we created! LOL and thanks for helping me through the situation with Mr. Liar... Ya'll know who he is!

During my JSU years
To all of the people I met there- thanks for the memories and the fun times! To the JSU Insatiables... fun times people- fun times. To you, Mr. You Know Who You Are. I've already thanked you for not telling me the truth before, and for again, forcing me to dig deep inside of me to strengthen myself more, so I won't go all into that again... :-) What I will do is say, on a more serious note is thanks for becoming one of my best friends. LOL crazy how I hated you and wanted to run you over with my car a few times and how I wanted to stab you with my rattail comb has turned into such a great friendship. Thanks man! ;-).
My JSU girls: Erica Young Fraizer, Lynsi, Teri Lowe, Sherlynda (and the others), thanks for making my transition to JSU so easy and interesting folks! ERICA- hands down bestest roommate ever! Oh the memories!!! LOL
My Dear Old Meharry Days
The good, the bad and the ugly. Thanks a lot to MEHARRY in general. Thanks for giving me the instruction I needed to become a sucessful dentist. Thanks again for REPEATEDLY forcing me to teach my self stress relief methods. Thanks Meharry for reminding me that there are beings and powers greater than the hands, minds, and people floating through the halls at MMC. That God took care of everything. That was the main thing that helped me rest at night. To all the folks I met there and don't talk to much any more... WHY?!?! To the folks I met there and still keep in touch with, well ya know it's pretty much friendships til the end. To Mr. I Didn't Know (you probably won't know this is in reference to you either...LOL slowest nerd I've EVER met in life I swear!)... Yeah, you....thanks for the distractions, they were very much needed! Thanks for also making me more confused about things than I was while sitting in biochemistry! To this DAY I still don't really know what's going on, but for what ever reason, the confusion adds to the silent mystery that happens to be you. (Shrugs shoulders), I guess it adds to the attraction too I reckon- YES I said RECKON because it IS a word. India, Danielle D, Beverly- I'd most def say my MMC BFF's... nuff said. Er'body else... oh well MMC pretty much has bond us... so you just gotta deal with me saying 'hi' from here til the time we leave this earth! If you don't like it... delete my number! ( :-) )
As I enter the 'dirty 30's', I hope to continue to attaining each goal I set. I try not to complain, but I do have 'concerns'. I have done so much. I have accomplished so much. I am one day shy of being 30 years old. No children. Job I love. Food at any given time. Shelter. Clothes and shoes in abundance. I'm healthy (other than these knees of mine... darn ACL surgeries). I'm attractive (if I do say so myself...annnd i DO!). I'm fun. I'm funny. I'm easy to get along with. Yet- I'm single. Go Figure! Can't figure out, especially at this point, what the problem is. I can NOT for the life of me get a grasp on what I'm doing wrong, or what I'm not doing enough of, or too much of. Do I give up on them (men in my life... past and/or present) too easily? Do I hang on too long- always giving second chances- giving them a 'pass' to keep messing up, not progressing? Am I too hard on them- demanding bettering themselves in order to better us? Am I supposed to 'settle' for 'an okay' guy and HOPE he 'changes'? Am I supposed to 'dumb myself' down to get a guy? WHAT IN THE WORLD is wrong- with me? with them? Answers?!?! Ideas? I am pretty much at a loss...
There have been a total of 4 men in my life who've I've felt intense feelings for. I mentioned 3 a little while ago. I met Mr. Liar in 1st grade! He was my bf off and on from about 6th grade-sophomore year of college. At some point I OBVIOUSLY got too comfortable, thinking we'd made it. Especially after we'd talked about marriage since sr. year of high school! HA- I guess our discussions about marriage laid the foundation for his marriage to the other girl! LOL. OF which I found out about the engagement on my 21st bday, while I was waiting on him to pick me up for my b-day dinner! Happy Birthday to me huh?!? (He did finally apologize for the lies and the hurt and pain he caused me... took about 7 or 8 years though...)
Mr. You Know Who You Are- in retrospect, started proably as a 'rebound' as I met him about 2 months after the Mr. Liar situation. Turns out though that Mr. You Know Who You Are kept my attention for a year or longer...turned out to be a pretty decent fella. That is until, around my 22 or 23rd bday, I heard about HIS girlfriend. YEP ya heard it, at my b-day AGAIN-and another girlfriend behind my back. We had beef for a minute, but eventually made up. He apologized almost instantly. I accepted it, but still didnt' talk to him for a while. I mean what?!?!I'm human! I was hurt...again. Bounced back, and oddly, gained a pretty good friend outta all the pain.
Mr. I Didn't Know came along a bit later. Saw this guy at school one day. Decided then that his name would be 'Boyfriend'. LOL (I referred to him as this to my friends until I actually learned his name...). Anyway, I was kinda seeing somebody at the time I met 'Boyfriend', so wasn't a whole lotta action between me and Mr. I Didn't Know until or unless we were both single. He because probably- to this day, my favorite flirt friend and dance buddy. My attraction to him confuses me. We hardly talk, but when we do, it's always interesting and fun. We rarely see each other, but when we do/did, it was always the most fun! He's comical, smart, driven, athletic, attractive, and very sweet, rather quiet (which is a little unnerving for me), and just all around 'good people'. So- what's the problem you ask? HELL- I dont' know either! LOL He's so quiet, he never actually SAYS 'how he's feeling'. He's so hard to read. I can't tell how interested, if interested at all. What to do what to do?!?! Ask him, hmmm? Sure thing. Problem is, responses that never realllly answer. (shrugs shoulders- go figure). The words aren't there much, but actions while together speaks volumns, but it stops there. What am I missing? Hmmm? Anybody?
Mr. Off and On. My current 'ex' situation. Guy is cool people. Been 5 years off and on. Love the guy. On a scale of 1-10, he's an easy 7.5 most days. Ended up having to part ways very recently (wouldn't you know it....a week ago... again around my b-day. Do I have a relationship Birthday curse?!?!? Always glad to have another birthday, but dang it... can I make it through one WITH a relationship in tact... is that too much to ask for?). I guess I need him to grow up. I dont' know. But not sure I'm willing to wait for this to happen. Time out for games....
If I could, I'd magically combine Mr. I Didn't Know and Mr. Off and On. Somehow incorporate Mr. Off and On's attention and CONSISTANT affection into Mr. I Didn't Know. Or Mr. I Didn't Know's drive and intellect into Mr. Off and On. Until that technology comes along... looks like Imma roll solo. I can't settle for 50% of what it is I NEED from a man when I can continue with the 100% I'm getting from me. (sigh).
Happy Birthday Me!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Amazing... Simply Amazing...

Have you ever found your self a 'TINY' bit under the weather?
Ever found your self complaining because your nose is stuffy, and you just don't think you can go on?
Well- I know I have! I am like a big baby/drama queen when I get sick..even a little bit.
**that is, until recently**
I've been on OMFS rotation this month (oral and maxillofacial surgery). Eeehhh, it's not a WHOLE lot different than my job as a general practice dentist for the most part. OMFS tends to handle 'more complex' cases of extractions, and larger facial abscesses, they fix broken jaws, and piece busted faces back together (at least in this program). We see quite a few oral pathology patients....or patients who after seeing us learn they have oral pathology (cancers and such).
One story stands out the most to me right now. It goes as follows:
-22 year old patient comes to the clinic about a 3-4 weeks ago.
-Swollen right cheek. (no biggie- that's what most patients look like when they show up... bad tooth/abscess).
- Oral Surgeons go to examine the 'abscess', decided to try to extract the teeth by the 'abscess' and allow it to drain from there.
-teeth came out WWAYY too easy, and no supperation (pus). They got upper level Oral Surgeons involved.
-A portion of the 'mass' was taken, sent for biopsy.
-patient returns 2 wks ago for biopsy results..... CANCER. Very VERY aggressive. (turns out she was sent to the clinic by her ob-gyn. Ob-gyn thought she had a bad abscess also. After biopsy results, it was discovered, she was visiting the ob-gyn for a 'bump/knot' on her hip/pelvic area... which turns out to be cancerous also).
-patient was obviously upset, she calmed down, walked out the clinic quite brave looking. Her mother- seemingly detatched.
-Patient back in clinic for follow up. Swelling 4-5 times as large. Patient in much more pain. Can't close her mouth, can't swallow, can't eat. Losing major weight. STILL in 'good spirits'.
-The chief eventually goes in to the treatment room, I was in there for a little while. The chief asked her, in a not so brave voice: 'So, Ms. X, you have a good supportive family?" Ms. X, says 'Yes sir...see my aunt right there, she been with me from the start of all of this...". Doc says, 'well do you have any children?' Ms. X says, 'sure do...3 bad ones too (LOL)". Doc swallows hard, and asks, 'well, do you have any family who could help take care of your kids..umm, in the event that well... umm..." This is when I walked out, to pick up another patient and was asked to close the door. (Closed door - that's usually signs of bad news to come)
-Moments later, patient's aunt outside my treatment room's door, VERY upset. Hear her ask, 'doc, how much time are we talking?' Heard the Doc say, 'Ma'am, I wish I could give you all a time frame. This thing is just so aggressive, and the very best I can tell you is: any day now.
After all of that commotion was over (the crying and stuff, the motions to have her admitted for some kind of surgery on today...), I went to talk to the Oral Surgeons about what was happening. I asked about the kind of cancer. All I got was 'it's bad... rare, and it's pretty much through out her body...nobody caught it until we saw her last month. Her Ob-gyn was 'watching' the bump on her hip/pelvis, but it hadn't changed in size, so was never biopsied." I then ask, 'so, what's her chances looking like- as far as surviving this thing?' The answer I got kinda chilled me, he said,'well, as the doctor in me, I tell you she's pretty much a goner, we just can't say when, but it's close.... so very close. It's crazy though, because she's so upbeat, and she's not 'sick', just 'hurting in her mouth' a little (according to the patient). As the Christian in me, I'm praying for the kid. I know that as a Doctor, I can only do so much, and I do that with Faith guided hands and mind. I'm not the one who makes the final call, it's God, and I'm asking God to give her some more time...we're trying to remove some of the mass on tomorrow, hoping that may at least keep her out of pain, but scientifically/medically, her prognosis is very poor, she is going to die, and soon.'
**bringing me back to my intro quesitons: Do you ever OVERLY complain about tiny aches and pains? This 22 year old mother (of 3), came in for what was ASSUMED to be an abscess/bad tooth, to get the news 3-4 weeks later that she needs to find somebody to adopt her children because she won't be around much longer... 'any time now'. **
That little sniffle in your nose doesn't seem so bad now huh? Amazing, Simply Amazing how our complaints pale in comparison to other's situations. Why do the complaining? Praise God (or give thanks to your Higher Power) for being able to just sniffle, and recover in a few days...

Friday, November 6, 2009

I won't complain...

SOOOO kiddos-

A quick short note about today.

Well, I just started my Oral Surgery Rotation (OMFS). As a part of this rotation, I do rounds on patients, learn to do minor facial reconstructions, different suture techniques and all that jazz. Today was my first round. I was up REALLY late last night working on a presentation for my program (which happens to be General Practice Residency or 'GPR'). I finally finished and fell asleep at about 3 am. I had to wake up at 6, to be at the hospital for rounds at 7:15. I woke up grumpy and a little pissy. I just wanted to sleep a few more minute. I was a GROUCH this morning!! (I'm just now transforming into a semi-morning person, but that's when I have to be up at 8). ANYWAY... I grumbled and griped ALLL the 3 miles to the hospital. I frowned and bitched to myself the full 1 minute walk from the parking lot to the S-ICU. I find the patient, go in, check vitals and make my notes. As I'm reading the notes, my whole attitude changed, and tears came to my eyes... (I had to suck it up though... no crying in this field... AT LEAST not in the patient's rooms and stuff). The patient was as follows:

*Motor vehichle accident on 11/5/09. Birthdate 11/13/79. This meant that she is 10 days older than me. This means she'll be celebrating her 30th birthday in the hospital... yes- the wreck and injuries are that bad...
* Several lacerations to the face. Two HUGE 'flaps' in her forehead, one in the shape of a 'J' and the other a backwards 'J', a split eyelid (eye ball was okay- or so they suspect for now)
*She was in bilateral traction Broken hips..yes, count 'em TWO and one was wwwaay worse than the other.
*AND NOW- the kicker: one nice warm, slightly swollen hand. One hard, cold, purple, stiff hand. Seems okay? Ummm NO- that hard, cold, purple, stiff, hand was very indicitave of a hand that had lost it's blood supply and that had set up rigor. As it was at about 7:45 am, the arm was pronounced 'dead' and was going to be the topic of discussion with the patient and parents later than morning- the discussion of amputation.
That's when I had my 'moment'. I sat there thinking... 'how dare me complain about being a little tired. How dare me gripe and bitch about having to go to work early. I dare me complain when I was still able to walk. I wasn't on a ventilator. I wasn't in a position to lose my arm. I didn't have huge scars across my face. I didn't have to worry about having to learn to walk again during my 30th birthday. WHY WAS I COMPLAINING?!?!? This patient- again 10 days older than me, her ONLY complaint was that her feet were cold and she wanted us to cover her feet! Despite her condition, she didn't have any complaints! She was just happy to be alive- pieced togehter, but happy. I was there- healthy and complaing! How dare me?!?!? (sigh). It made me go back to the little saying of:
It doesn't matter now bad you think your situation is. There is ALWAYS somebody out there in a worse situation, and would give anything to be in your 'bad' situation because your 'bad' situation would be a hell of an improvement for them.
It took that young lady's tragedy for me to see my blessing. We health and ambulation for granted far too often. I guess, sometimes it takes a slap in the face like today to remind us from time to time...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Black Face again... geeze!

The Black-Face Debate... How do you feel?
So, today I was browsing the net and ran across the latest 'black-face' issues. A Dallas Cowboy cheerleader was 'suspended' for going to a Halloween party as rapper 'Lil Wayne (see pic and link below)

Now, IF you think the way I do, I'm wondering.... what happens to the other people in the picture dressed as Hispanics? Do they get in trouble for painting their faces brown? Is that now also 'racism'?

My Take On This:
Yes, I am aware of the 'history' of the whole black-face thing... at least some of it. If you need to read up on it, I've included a link: . Is Black-face offensive to me as a black woman? Well, for me (again- I say FOR in MY PERSONAL in I'm NOT SPEAKING on behalf of ALL black in I'm not saying another person's opinion is 'wrong'... ) For me, it's only offensive sometimes. When is that you may ask? Well, I think if a person dresses in black-face to negatively imitate, poke fun at, belittle, blatantly disrespct a black person, then yes- that's disrespectful. An example of what I'm referring to would be: If a non-black person dresses as a slave for Halloween, that would kinda piss me off. If he or she opts to exaggerate the facial features (making the lips HUGE and PINK), and using the dialect of the whole 'yes suh', 'naw suh', yess'um, and so on....then THAT to me is EXTREMELY offensive. Or, if someone (non-black) dressed as President Obama in "black face" and instead of wearing a suit, they wore 'thug gear' (thug gear by MY definition= baggy over sized clothes), with braids, and walked around greeting other party goers as 'massa' or what not... THAT to me would be offensive. If someone (non-black) dressed as Oprah in 'black face' with booty shorts, different colored weave, long finger nails, and gold teeth, THAT would be offensive to me.
Now- what 'black face' wouldn't be offensive to me? Example: THIS CHEERLEADER... dressed as a black rapper for HALLOWEEN. I mean, seeing, her I wouldn't have IMMEDIATELY guessed 'Lil Wayne, after she announced it, I can 'kinda' see it. After all, it WAS Halloween. I've seen NO photos of her being 'disrespectful' of 'Lil Wayne. (Mind you, I wasn't at the party, so I don't know what all went on...I am ONLY basing my opinion on the photos that I've seen via internet). She was white... she didn't didn't have dread locs, she wasn't a rapper, she didn't have 'grillz'... SOOO in order to get the 'look' of a black rapper with dreads and a grill, she kinda HAD to do a little 'make up' right? Another example (as stated in previous paragraph), if a non black person dressed as President Obama 'in black face', but had big ears, dressed in a suit, just 'hanging' out AT a costume party, giving people the 'fist bump'...I don't see the problem. He is a black man with big ears, who did the fist bump A LOT during his campaign. If someone (non-black) dressed as Oprah (in black face) for a Halloween party, with long black hair (weave or not), a nice dress and a microphone, and a wad of cash as props, and just chillin... I don't see a problem with that. After all she is a black talk show host (microphone) with a KAJILLIONZ of dollars! ( my Obama/Oprah expamples..when I say 'and just chillin- I'm meaning just hanging out, no stupidity, no 'stereotypical disrespectful phrases' and what not...)
I even read an article somewhere where Hary Conick, Jr was offended after seeing an Australian game show (similar to the Gong Show), where a group of non-blacks dressed in Black-Face as the Jacksons. Where is the 'immitation is the sincerest form of flattery'? I will admit I didn't read the whole article, so I'm not sure if they were being disrespectful as the Jacksons or if they just 'competed' as the Jacksons. IF they only competed as the Jacksons, then, again, WHERE is the problem? (then again, if they dressed as the Jacksons in black face with the painted on exaggerated pink lips and the 'naw suh', yess'm dialect..then that's different.) do YOU feel about this? Am I crazy to not be overly sensitive about the black face thing? Am I a 'sell out' to my african american people for not being offended by a girl dressing up as a black rapper on a day desiginated for 'DRESS UP'?
Although I do ask your take on it, I don't think I'm crazy! LOL I mean I know racism is real. I was born and raised in South Mississippi- I've experienced some things first YES racism IS in deed real. BUT in my experiences- I've found/feel that a lot of the racial problems are because some of us (black people) LOOK for reasons to shout and cry racism. Some cries are most certainly legitimate. Other, are just noise in my opinion. There is NOTHING I hate more than to hear young black people say things like 'yeah, they gave the job to that white dude just cause he was white.' I can't TELL you the number of times I've heard this. THEN when I bring up the issue of 'well, when you went to the interview, did you present yourself in the best light possible? Did you go clean cut and well groomed? Did you wear well fitting clothes, nice shirt and tie? Did you speak as best you could?' I get the crazy look of 'oh, you just spoiled and you're a sell out... you got it easy because of who your parents are'. THAT, I do take offense to! Why? Because my parents are NOT celebs...not even on a local level. What they are are a teacher in the public school system, and a technician who saw fit for them to raise my sister and I up in a world where we'd be equipt enough to compete on all levels in all aspects of life with people of ANY race, sex, or socio-economic status- and fair very well! Now- unfortunately for some of my fellow black people, they don't know HOW to interview for jobs. They don't know HOW to dress properly for a job because far too many times their parents were never gainfully employed enough to know how to teach them to do better. My issue with this is- THERE ARE MEANS to get answers and help. That's why I don't typically have sympathy for those who mope around complaining about 'not having a job because the white man got it just because he was white'. Ewww that irks my nerves! My gosh 'my people'... ask questions... try to improve... do your best... stop expecting things to be handed to you! YES- our people were slaves at one point and time. YES- it's been tough on us as a people to get ahead... BUT YES- opportunities today that are presented to white America are also presented to Black America (well, not all, but wwwaaayyy more than not- again, that is just my opinion). Yes- America hasn't always been kind to us. No- America isn't going to pay YOU for back time because your great great great great great great grandpa was a slave. N0- not many people are going to feel sorry for you just because you are from the lineage of slaves and give you a job as CEO of a company... We gotta do better. We've GOT to get up and get out and promote ourselves as our BEST selves to get the BEST jobs for a BETTER life. (sigh) Okay, I think I'm done with my preaching now! I turned this one into something TOTALLY different that what I thought I was going to start it LOL... but anyway, it's said now...
Finally... back to original Black-Face topic- I found this link about another black face incident. I'm still out on my decision about how I feel about this one. Until I decide... you tell me how you feel... mkay?!?