Sunday, November 29, 2009

Back to work on tomorrow...and I gotta vent!

This week I was on vacation! YES- excellent. I was glad to have a break from horrible teeth for a minute. I was good that I had the vacay, but was a little pissed that all my co-residents end up with 2 extra days of vacation time. See, after our Oral Surgery rotation and our ER rotation, we get the 4th week as vacation time. Well, my Oral surgery vacation started Nov 23 (my b-day) and went through Thanksgiving break. That was okay, BUT- if you count up the days... everybody else got their FULL week vacation at some point PLUS Thurs and Fri for Thanksgiving, and mine were 'built in'. I PERSONALLY don't think it's fair, but hey- so is life right?!?!

Anyway, spent the Saturday (Nov 21) in Mississippi as I usually do for the JSU/ASU Capital City Classic/Soul Bowl with my child hood friends. I didn't have a particularly good time there. I'm not sure why. It may be because I was just truly bored because of the rain that put a damper on the weekend, OR it could have been my mind being pre occupied with the issue of my recent break up with my on again off again boyfriend of 5 years. Either way, I did try to enjoy my self.

On Monday (my 30th b-day) I traveled back to New Orleans. I spent the WHOLE day alone... chillin on my sofa in my favorite red plaid pj bottoms and tank top. Ehhh not exciting, but I spent my day the way my day wanted to be spent I guess. WWHHOO-HOOO celebration right? HA- yeah right!

Tuesday my cousin came from Houston, and we drove to Mississippi on Wednesday, to our parents' house. He hadn't been home in FOREVER so his mom (my aunt) and his little sister were very excited to see him.

Wednesday afternoon, my dad and I drove to Jonesboro Arkansas to my little sister's house to meet my mom, grandma, and 3 little cousins. The family (all aunts, and kids) came for Thanksgiving. It was like one huge slumber party! LOL all the kids (me and my 1st cousins and the 3 little ones) camped out in the living room on blankets and stuff. The adults got the beds and the rooms! LOL NoTHING like a 4 year old and a 5 year old who talks and walks in their sleep. I had to play supervisor allll night to make sure they didn't get to the door! One cousin slept by the back door to make sure. There was a pretty heavy chair in front of the front door and the garage door was unsecured because if one got out side, the garage was down. Fun times!

Well the Bayou Classic, traditionally the weekend after Thanksgiving, a game between Southern Jaguars and the GSU Tigers was SUPPOSED to be on and poppin. My friends from MS were invited. The plan was to continue my b-day celebration since the rain put a damper on the b-day events in Jackson. I mentioned it to them SEVERAL times... by 'several' I mean all day Friday, all day Saturday, and then on Sunday when I was packing to leave Jackson. I said on SEVERAL OCCASSIONS: 'hey guys, ya'll should all come down to New Orleans (3 hours away) this weekend'. Nobody said anything, nobody discussed anything. I get back to New Orleans on Saturday night, no phone call from any of them. Yes- I was a bit pissed! So- I spent the last of my NON-EVENTFUL b-day week/vacation week/Thanksgiving break alone on my sofa folding laundry! Way to bring in the 30's right?

Why did that piss me off that my friends didn't hang out with me? WELL, I'm glad you asked!
#1- I lived in Nashville for 6 years. The WHOLE while I was there, they NEVER came to visit. There were times when I needed my girls, ya know. No, I wasn't sick. No, I wasn't depressed, but there were times I missed them and COULDN'T get to MS to see them. When I did get to see them it was when I drove the 6 hours- by myself to go to Homecoming or Capital City Classic. That trip was funded by ME- alone. I understand one of them didn't get very many off days due to her job. I wasn't trippin about that. One was a teacher, with weekends off. The other one, who rarely hangs out anyway wasn't an issue with me...she's cool, she's a wife and mom, so she's excused. Another one is the cousin of the first one who is cool too, I've known her just as long. The cousin is a student, so has weekends off too. The ride to Nashville was about 6 hours. IF 3 of them came, they could SPLIT gas prices..of which I never could do on my trips to MS. They would already have a place to stay. I had a 2 br apt, 2 br sets, a large living room and huge sofa. I ALWAYS had food, so we didn't have to eat out. We coulda cooked. UNLIKE when I spend all my money (wait- mind you I was a student at the time, I had a little part time job PROBABLY 20 or fewer hours a week). I had to pay for gas for my truck to get there, I had to pay for food when I got there, I USUALLY was the driver when I got there (even after that 6 hour drive). I usually had to put in money for the 'liquor' of which I hardly drank when I got there. For 6 years I did this. ALLLLLL I was asking was that maybe- just maybe they visit ME for a change. The 'excuse' was usually - 'oh my car won't make it'. EVEN THOUGH all 3 had vehicles. True- one of them probably would't make it, but another had a BRAND NEW mustang. The other had some kind of Mazdza that was in great condition for a 6 hour drive. They eventually came for my graduation. I was REALLY excited. My friends (from about 5 years old) were finally coming to my adopted city of Nashville and we're gonna have a blast! Well- HA- joke was on me!!! They ONLY came for the ceremony! They came to eat afterwards at my dinner. I was expecting for them to start asking about the night's events, but nobody did. They just all kinda lookd a little nervous or unsure. I finally started announcing the eventes... the parties we'd hit up and so on. Only to hear, 'oh, ummmm we're not staying, we want to go shopping in Memphis. We're actually about to leave now, our bags are already in the car'. (SHOCKED FACE) WOW! Rain on my graduation parade! Oh well, my boyfriend was there, he and I, along with my classmates and my Nashville friends would certainly have a great time.

I always managed to get over them not visiting, but from time to time, the feelings of 'anger' and 'disappointment' creep back up. This latest event of them not visiting just kinda brought up all those past ill feelings. I don't wanna say anything to them because I'm sure nothing will change (you'll just have to know these girls, folks). Anyway, I find myself trynna figure out if it's me that's over reacting. Have we just grown apart since we've grown up? How and when was is it that it's been quietly decided that I would be the traveler? How have I been deemed the one with the most money to fund these trips? Should I be a lil pissed? I don't know??!!?

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