Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BET is the new KKK? c'monnnn get real!


Apparently I'm not very good with the find details of this blogging thing, BUT the link above (if you can click it, please do, if you can't please copy and paste it in your URL bar) is a pretty interesting read. It's the opinion of a man stating that BET is the new KKK. He says this because KKK was known for the terrorizing and murders of countless black men back in the day. This author alleges that media (such as BET) is now responsible for the murders of blacks by blacks.

Personally, I can't say I would EVER place the blame on media for the downfall of our black communities. I blame the lack of parenting on the downfall. I WILL agree that the media does play a role. It plays a role in 'substituting' as parent when parents are too young and ignorant to teach their kids what's right from wrong. I mean, as a child I didn't listen to 'hard core rap' in my house. BUT as soon as I was old enough to do slumber parties and go out with my friends, I was exposed to ALLLL of the negativity my parents tried to shelter me from. While they were sheltering me, they were also teaching me to NOT idolize the 'CHARACTERS' seen in the rap videos and such. So even when I heard those Tupac, Biggie, NWA lyrics, they only resonated to me as a snazzy beat to bob my head to. I NEVER had the notion to want to fight another person because of the music. I NEVER had the urge to shoot somebody JUST because the song suggested it.

So what I'm saying is, it's my opinion that we need to stop blaming the media for the short comings and look in the mirrors to see the real weapon of mass destruction in our black community- our selves!

Get it together US..... Stop pointing finger and start making points to better self and others!

Friday, October 1, 2010

WTF fella?!?!

I got this video from my homie Tunde over here at http://sleep-is-the-cousin-of-death.blogspot.com/2010/09/what-men-really-want.html Check him out...he's got pretty good stuff over there...

Apparently I tend to enjoy the 'debates' on what women want/men want in relationships. And when I saw this video, I felt overly compelled to respond! LOL It's all in fun..with a twist of TRUTH! The video...

My Responses:
Thing #5- No...it's not that I'm a broke bitch.. We normally KEEP money because the boo normally pays for it. I'm not asking cause I don't have.. I'm asking so I can KEEP mine! LOL You not having now means you REALLY are broke and obviously DUMB to think I wouldn't already have it! :-)

Thing #4- Oh... the lil dick was ALWAYS an issue. We just kept getting what we wanted, so we tolerated and celebrated the baby paynus to boost your ego. Your boosted ego= my pockets stay on swole cause I'm spending YOUR cash that you apparently don't really have... because ..well refer to #5... LOL

Thing #3- well.. this one was just funny.. 'P*ssy ain't supposed to come with a pop quiz!' HAHAHA (oh..BUT yes- the paynus is STILL small... but I STILL need YOUR money that you probably don't really have to get my nails and hair did... LOL so yes...I will scream and act the part... refer to Numbers 5 and 4 pls!)

Thing #2- This one is funny too.. but I Wish a mudda flucka WWOOUULLLDDD lay his hands on me... LOL I'd kick him in his lil baby paynus THEN call the cops! LOL

Thing #1- YESSS I wanna know dayum it. I wanna know so I can get the neccessary tests if needed.. YESSS I wanna know..and if you say yes.. Imma be all up in yo face.. and Imma dare that you hit me..cause if you do..Imma (pls refer to #2). LOL But seriously... don't we can't handle the truth..we can handle the truth... we are just EMOTIONAL..so if you say something that's hurtful, we will react. If you tell me you cheated and I DON'T react... May I suggest that you vacate the premisis and do NOT..I repeat..do NOT eat the spaghetti! :-)

Just a little rant... that's all...

Earlier today, I saw a tweet from a friend that said (in so many words):
Never take love advice from someone who is single and never take financial advice from someone who is broke

Now I've heard this before, but seriously people... WHY?!?!

Anybody stop to think that the advice the single person gives can actually be good? Anybody ever stop to think that the single person is single because he or she actually bettered them selves by DROPPING a mate who was no good? Anybody ever stop to think, 'hey, he/she might be single because he/she was tired of dragging along dead weight (the bf/gf)'. 'Hey, let me ask him/her how did he/she gather up the courage enough to break free and upgrade?' (and by upgrade in this situation, I mean from involved and miserable to single and grand). Anybody ever consider that?

And the one about the financial advice. WHY NOT take advice from a broke person? THe broke person has GOT to know how to lose money... So if he or she can tell you how to lose money..take that advice and tweek it (and by tweek it I mean- do the opposite!) Anybody ever stop to think that the broke fella/lady has learned from his or her financial mistakes and now can offer advice on how NOT to go broke? Hmmmm?!?

Yeah- sometimes cliches just sound 'profound', but are they really THAT deep? C'mon folks.. if you THINK you won't have to spit out cliches to sound all philosophical and 'deep'.

Anyway- random rants... LOL I'm done!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ohhhh I'm telling.....


Kristina and her date Michael are out for a night on the town. Kristina is enjoying her night out, dancing the night away. Michael walks away to get more drinks from the bar. In the mean time, Kristina looks over to her left to notice Eric. Not out of the ordinary because Eric is a local socialite, so no big deal right? WRONG! Eric happens to be dating Kristina's best friend Melissa. Kristina and Michael had planned a double date with Eric and Melissa but it didn't work out because Melissa told Kristina that Eric told her that he was too sick to go out, and that he was going to chill home alone for the night. As Kristina waited for Michael to return with the drinks, she sees a little young thang walk up to Eric and they engage in an embrace; one that appeared more than just friendly in nature. And immediately after the hug came a pretty long lip lock. At this point, Kristina is furious. Eric and Melissa had been dating for months now, and Kristina had seen him enteract with Melissa. He acted as if Melissa was THE ONLY ONE for him. He acted as if he'd never ever do anything to hurt her- of course, this means he wouldn't cheat.

Michael finally arrives with the drinks and notices Kristina visibly upset. Kristina gives Michael the run down. She also tells Michael what she had decided to do about the little situation unfolding in her face. Michael stongly disagreed. What was she gonna do you ask? Well, Kristina had decided to approach Eric. Not to 'cause a scene', but just to 'speak' or to make her presence known. Michael's idea was to 'leave it alone, it wasn't her business'.....

Who's right? Is Kristen doing the right thing by making her presence known to Eric? Should she tell her friend Melissa that Eric is a big fat liar and he's not sick, but out at the club lip locking with some other girl? Is Michael right? Should Kristina just leave it alone and pretend that she sees nothing and live with the fact that her BFF's love is no good? What would you do?

****I have a good idea of who will answer how! I just think it's interesting how our brains work when it's man -vs- woman'. Let's see what answers we get!*****


Saturday, July 10, 2010

That GOOD BRAIN.. crazy head game!

~~The words never came out- so put the listner inside the head to see everything that's floating all around~~

I wish I could some how figure out
how to sit you right smack dab in the middle of my cerebral cortex
so you can watch my emotion as I text
It's just loungin in the frontal lobe all planned out
...shit just never makes it out my mouth.

So Imma give this brain game a try.
sit there and watch the emotions fly-

Why the FUCK you never took me seriously?
Until you were all in side the pussy
....all in my ear
telling me how good IT was... but never ME...
it was never ME.

Don't jump offensive
you're not all at fault,
I got caught...
caught up in the trickery of my parietal.
Lost in what was so visibly appealing to me
and sexually fulfilling ya see.

I forgot to step back and see
that you weren't really diggin me,
only diggin IN me.

you still with me?

I mean, seriously!!
tha dayum brain got ME open-
And I'm not copin'
with shit the way I should...
I really do wish I could...

just fix the short circut in this frontal zone!

I can't analytically or critically make sense of me
being so emotional over you...
what the hell did I do?
other than want us to be.
I mean,
Cerebrally, physically, sexually we were perfect- to the T
emotionally, I'm scared a bit

...just makes me sick
I never did fit
in to your world
the way I thought I'd be...

....Retrospectfully speaking Frontally
responsibility was majorly on me-
I didn't call the shots
to make you stop-
I gave you the gateway-
an open ticket to come play...
Fuckin parietal wouldn't let me say
"I need more from you"

Now you with her-

And I just gotta
mend and nurse my
medulla oblongata...

Ahhh that's good Brain...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Projects

Hello all! this won't be a long post! (can you believe it?!!?) Just a post to link my blog to my other site!




Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What They Don't Know Won't Hurt Em....

So I recently saw this linked to a FB page. I clicked it and was a lil ummm... confused I think. Click the link...watch the clip.... (Imma just finish ranting down below the video)

So, the little girl saw 'light/white' as good and 'dark/black' as bad. N0w, sure, that's how they do it in the movie world. The pretty little angel dressed in white is 'good' the bad villian is in all black.

NOW- did this little girl use that logic for her answers? OR did this lil girl exhibit what I like to think of conditioned subconscious unintentional racism?
*so, I just came up with that phrase, but it works right? LOL*

I'd like to think that little girl doesn't have a full grasp of the concept of what a 'white person' and a 'black person' and/or the negative stereotypes that accompany the color.

What I'm SURE she has seen and learned... is that traditional 'grab the purse with a 'dark skinned person' come near. Or the stereotypical, 'protect that kid when the 'dark skinned people come by'. Or 'quick- lock the door, dark people are coming by'. The mom claims they've never had the talk about 'races' but communication involves more than just verbal communication. A child soaks up information both positive and negative. They soak it up in all forms. They may NEVER say anything, but pay attention to their actions! From the mouths of babes... I tell ya.

So some people tend to think that silence is the key- that 'what they don't know won't hurt em', but clearly in a situation like this- what they don't know is wreaking havoc on society. Talk to your kids. Teach them what's right! Let them know that a person's skin color has NOTHING to do with being good or bad, dumb or smart, pretty and ugly.

Hell, if it helps, make some picture flash cards to drive home the point! How about a flash card of Michelle Obama to portray good with dark skin -vs- Amy Winehouse to show an example of bad with light/tatted/often dirty skin. How about one past president -vs- a current one for examples of dumb and smart? (OKAY OKAY OKAY- that was too much...LOL let me give another example for that one. BUT- keep in mind, this is MY blog, MY opinions). For 'Dumb -vs- Smart' use a pic of the All boys' school that just awared ALL their graduating sr the college scholarships THEY EARNED- yeah- they are all of the 'dark skinned' persuasion. Pair them with the 'dumb' of the lacrosse player who murdered his lacrosse GF recently... mmmm yeah, he's from the 'light skinned' group. (Pretty sure murder ain't smart or good). Pretty -vs- ugly (well this one is strictly opinion) BUT may I suggest using a pic of Gabrielle Union or Jada Pinkett Smith for the 'pretty brown/dark people' -vs- a pic of Courtney Love or a younger Dakota Fanning- yeah, those were tough to look at to me!

consider this 'vent' over now...
HOWEVER, I am going to work on another post concering a show I saw called 'What Would You Do'....ever heard of it? if not- stay tuned!