Saturday, July 10, 2010

That GOOD BRAIN.. crazy head game!

~~The words never came out- so put the listner inside the head to see everything that's floating all around~~

I wish I could some how figure out
how to sit you right smack dab in the middle of my cerebral cortex
so you can watch my emotion as I text
It's just loungin in the frontal lobe all planned out
...shit just never makes it out my mouth.

So Imma give this brain game a try.
sit there and watch the emotions fly-

Why the FUCK you never took me seriously?
Until you were all in side the pussy
....all in my ear
telling me how good IT was... but never ME...
it was never ME.

Don't jump offensive
you're not all at fault,
I got caught...
caught up in the trickery of my parietal.
Lost in what was so visibly appealing to me
and sexually fulfilling ya see.

I forgot to step back and see
that you weren't really diggin me,
only diggin IN me.

you still with me?

I mean, seriously!!
tha dayum brain got ME open-
And I'm not copin'
with shit the way I should...
I really do wish I could...

just fix the short circut in this frontal zone!

I can't analytically or critically make sense of me
being so emotional over you...
what the hell did I do?
other than want us to be.
I mean,
Cerebrally, physically, sexually we were perfect- to the T
emotionally, I'm scared a bit

...just makes me sick
I never did fit
in to your world
the way I thought I'd be...

....Retrospectfully speaking Frontally
responsibility was majorly on me-
I didn't call the shots
to make you stop-
I gave you the gateway-
an open ticket to come play...
Fuckin parietal wouldn't let me say
"I need more from you"

Now you with her-

And I just gotta
mend and nurse my
medulla oblongata...

Ahhh that's good Brain...


  1. Lol! Very innovative! Now if only I could work out which bit of the brain was where...

  2. LOL thanks! Aaahhh! yeahhh now everybody gonna google brain function LOLLLLL

  3. LOL 'two snaps' LOL this ain't no poetry slam mann! LOL