Sunday, February 21, 2010

can you be my baby daddy?!?!

I was watching one of the not-so-reality shows a few weeks ago- Let's Talk About Pep. On this particular episode of the ladies brought up an issue of being single, getting older, and wanting kids. She mentioned that her therapist (or somebody) told her that if she was ready for kids, and was single, she should find a guy she deemed 'worthy' of donating to her 'make me a kid' foundation, ask him if he would be willing to be the 'father' and go from there.

At first I was like 'WTF'!!! WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD SOMEBODY DO THAT! But then I had a tiny reality check! (LOL). Here I am, single as a penny in a broke man's pocket, not getting any younger- I'm now in the dirty 30 club, and pretty successful. I'm attractive (at least to me and to some), I'm fun to be around, easy to get along with and all that jazz... BUT STILL SINGLE. And I want kids! Sure- I want the 'boyfriend' who turns into the 'fiancee' who becomes the husband and father of my kids. Reality is- ummm I can't seem to find him, he can't find me, he doesn't exist or something! So, is that idea of finding somebody to father your children such a bad idea? I don't know if it's something I'd do right now, but it is a thought.

I posed this question to a guy I know. This guy being a guy I'd really ask if I was REEEALLLY at that point in life. He's what I consider 'top notch' kinda guy (shrugs). He's handsome, athletic (that always helps!), very smart, fun, and funny. I'd say he could help make a fairly good kid... LOL. Well when I asked him, this is how I posed the question:
"Let's say in a few years I wanted to have a baby. We both are single. I ask you to be the father...Would you consider it? [btw- I'm not really asking, just wondering]"
His response was:
"No. I wouldn't. That's not the order."
My reply:
"Hmmm good answer, BUT there are lots of things we (people) do that aren't in order...Y pick and choose? Hmmmm
He says:
"I pick and choose because I can, lol"

Interesting huh?!?!

Anyway, I don't know if guys understand...wait... I KNOW guys don't understand how we work...LOL They don't realize that we can only produce babies for so long...where they can pop a blue pill to get it up and make babies until they're lowered in the ground. WHY not help an aging woman out? LOL it's not like I'm BEGGING for you to stick around and help raise the child. IT WOULD BE GREAT of course, but certainly not required. (Of course, I don't think if I went this route, I'd pick somebody I didn't trust. Somebody I wouldn't feel proud to call my baby's father and so on. I'm sure if it got to this point, the guy I'd consider would probably insist on being in the child's life in some capacity.)

Is it a crazy idea? Is it far fetched to consider this option for older single ladies?

Anyway... just random thinkings...


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why am I the BAD GUY?!?!?

Wanna hear about my past week? Like to hear it...well here it go-

Well, I was invited to Dallas for All-Star Weekend (Feb. 14). I was kinda excited... New guy-friend was doing well... Plans changed quickly when I found out I was on call. I tell the new guy and he's like 'no problem, I'm coming there anyway, so we'll meet up and do something'. I'm like, 'good deal...see ya then'. This is what by day...

Monday= HIM: 'My homebody and I rented a car, and he's setting up butt-action, so he took the car... you wanna come pick me up? If not, I won't be able to see you til tomorrow'. ME: 'Ehhh tomorrow it is then'. HIM: 'that's messed up... you should come get me'. ME: 'Ehhh, tomorrow it is then... or else ummm never it can be.' (LOL... well- I don't know him like that to be shuttling his ass around... I was gonna MEET him out..not RIDE WITH HIM and vice versa)

Tuesday= HIM: 'We're stuck on the bridge in traffic, and we're running out of gas...we'll never make it to the [Saints Victory] parade. ME: 'well that's okay, we're going to bourbon me when you make it there. HIM: 'come get me, we're stuck and we're running out of gas'. ME: 'well that was silly...why drive when you're on E- you never know what traffic will be like...and no, I'm not getting in all that traffic... I don't know you for you to be all up in my car and stuff... no me if/when ya'll make it to Bourbon'. HIM: 'see, that's that bullshit'. ME: 'oh..the parade is starting... call AAA...I can't hear you... bye". (I mean, what he want me to do? that was stupid!...LOL)

Wednesday= HIM: 'we're going out to the Republic... come meet us'. ME: 'aight, let me call my biz...see ya then..' HIM: 'oh, we at the W right's our first stop. ME: 'cool...I'm coming in now...come to the lobby. HIM: <15 minutes later> Oh hey...there you are, I been looking for you... (A LIE- the spot has ONE door in and ONE door out...LOL). ME: Umm hmm... when are we going to the Republic? HIM: 'now' ME: 'aight...see you there'. HIM: I have the VIP bracelet...let me get you one... ME: 'excellent'. HIM: <20 minutes later> Oh hey...ummm there you are. (MIND YOU I HADN'T MOVED!!!) I enjoyed my lil time, then told him I was going home. HIM: 'yeah, this party is kinda wack...I'm leaving too... I'm coming by your place'. ME: "umm I can't stop you from leaving, but you will NOT be at my place tonight'. HIM: 'see, that's that bullshit.. .I mean fuck... do I not look good or something?" <<>> ME: yeah, you cute...but you gonna be cute in what ever hotel you got... I'll see you tomorrow. HIM: 'see, I can't stand bi...I mean girls who too good to give it up on the first night.' ME: see, it's patients like you who have to visit the clinic a lot too... goodbye, good night... get home safely...get to dallas in piece..and PEACE.

THEN the 22 year old who is trying so hard... (sigh) can't do it KIDDO! Just can't DO IT... maybe it's me, but that is WWWAAYY young for me... I think I'm too young to start such COUGAR action...don't cha think! LOL

NOW- I'm the bad guy...LOL why I gotta be the bad guy?!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"wet wednesdays' (via Twitter)

Again... with keeping with the Twitter Themes... today's theme is 'Wet Wednesdays'. I decided I'll get more involved in the trending topics especially since it involves two of my most favorite things...twitter and writing.
Stacy (@slhamilton25)- I'm writing this with you in mind- not on no freaky/lesbo stuff...but as your freaky/nasty mind as inspiration...LOL Let's see what I come up with...

...And then she rolls over to see him laying there, sleeping quite soundly. She watches him sleep and tries to figure out how such a being could be a gentle soul, yet such a sensuously savage beast when the time is right. She smiles as she catches that first clip from the highlight reel they've been building for the past few months. She starts to feel all flush with fever with just the thoughts alone. Her mind is racing, going back to last night and how it all went down. She remembers the phone call from him: 'Hey, so what you getting in to tonight?' She replies, 'Oh, nothing, planned as of yet, but it's still early, we'll see'. He chuckles then says, 'well regardless of what the plans are, be sure you get at me later aight.' Being the cool chic she is, she contains her excitement because she knew exactly what that meant, and responded, 'yeah, aight... like I said, we'll see.... I'll talk to you later'.

The night progresses and of course she and her girls hit the club. After only minutes of being in the spot, she spots him across the way. She smiled and the felt all weak instantly- as usually. Apparently he spotted her too because her phone vibrated in her pocket, sending chills up her spine. The text read: 'one of us needs to be careful with the drinking tonight, one of us have to get us to my place'. She ignored the text because she already knew what was up.

At some point in the night, they end up doing what they do best. The dance and dance and dance. Mimicking the motions that makes blood rush to those special places. It was almost as if they were a lock and key fit, the way their bodies locked and moved as one to each beat of the music. She felt his excitement grow as she swayed, gyrated, and popped her ass on him. At random, he could only hold her and breathe in her ear- making her come close to losing all control. By the time the DJ announced, 'last call' and played that final song, they were both in a zone, ready to get home, but having fun letting it all build up.

She remembers when the party was over they both some how detached themselves to return to their respective groups of friends to head home. She thought about that text that he she was sending him one. She read the text that read: 'I'll be home in 10 minutes, I expect you in 11". She sent him a text that gave very simple and direct instructions: 'leave the door unlocked, get ready'.

Moments later, she was at his door, trying to not appear too super eager to get inside...for him to get inside of her. She took a deep breath, opened the door. Pitch black. She called out to him. No response. She closed and locked the door and moved slowly towards his bedroom. She called out to him a second time. Out of nowhere, he was behind her, pressing her up against the bedroom door. "You want me to get ready? You need to be ready... I've been waiting for this all night'. He spun her around, and all but ripped her dress off her body. She loved it, every second of it... loved being 'handled' in such a manner. He begin to trace her body with gentle kisses, nibbles, and licks... paying close attention to her breasts, as they heaved with each of her deep breaths.

Before she could adjust her self against the wall, he dropped to his knees and buried his head under her skirt. Licking her clit like is was the very last piece of his most prized candy. Savoring each and every taste. Part of her wanted to tell to stop for a second, just so she could catch her breath and take the rest of her clothes off, but each time she had that thought, she forgot it when he plunged his tongue in and out of her vagina over and over again. He stood up, she thought it was over for a second. This was only a pause for him to throw her onto the bed. She lay there watching him come towards her, not knowing what else he had in store. He grabbed her by the hip, and flipped her onto her stomach. He caressed her ass, and kissed her ass, and in one smooth movement, he spread her, to make enough space for his face. He tossed her salad like he was a die hard vegetarian!

She started to mumble, trying to get him to stop, but his response, in between licks, was 'just chill out, relax, enjoy yourself, I know I am'. She knew she was just about at her limit. Apparently he knew too as he pushed her up to the doggy style position. His most favorite position. He still wasn't ready to enter her overly moist vagina. He slid under her like a mechanic fixing a car and encouraged her to ride his face. She didn't put up a fight, she obliged and then she came. He laughed a bit, because that as his plan all along. As she lay there, again trying to catch her breath, he laid on top of her, and whispered in her ear...'you done? I know you're not done'. Then, as if she wasn't just damn near licked to sleep, she mounted him. She had a tendency to never back down from a challenge. Especially not a sexual challenge from the best she'd ever had. She had to let him know she appreciated everything he had done for her a few hours before. She leaned down to his ear and started nibbling and kissing and licking. That was just the starting point. She worked her way down to where his boxers rested, and she swirled her tongue over and over. She knew that drove him crazy! She skipped the dick, and jumped to the inner thigh area. Swirling the tongue again- as he sang, 'oh shit, oh shit, oh shit'. He knew what was about to happen. She removed his boxer briefs just enough to receive him into her mouth. She sucked his dick just the way he liked it. To the point where she could feel his muscles flinching time and time again. He grabbed the top her head, grabbed a hand full of her hair and guided her in the rhythm he needed. She didn't mind at all, again, it turned her on to be dominated in the bedroom. With one sturdy tug, he pulled her up and instructed her to 'get on'. She climbed on and allowed his rock hard dick to fill up the wet vagina that had been calling out for him for the last 1/2 hour. They fucked like fucking was going completely out of style. Remembering that she had gotten hers one or 4 times, she paid special attention to her man. Giving him what he needed to release. She knew he was no match for her ass in motion when he hit in doggy style, so she got into position and invited him in. He stroked, and stroked, and stroked. Before long, his breathing pattern started to change, and the stokes became quicker and harder and deeper. With each thrust, she thrust back, causing him to get close and closer. He finally started to moan, at that point, she quickly turned around and let him fuck her mouth to his finish.

They must have tried every position in the book and created a few in the process. By the time they were finished, there was not one single article of bedding remaining on the bed. The lamp on the night stand was barely hanging on, thanks to the wall. She was pleasantly sore... very pleasantly that is. She fell asleep all wrapped up in him.

In the midst of her flashback replay, she must have forgotten where she was, because when she snapped back to reality, she found her hand fondling her own clit....... and he man silently watching. When she noticed this, she he replaced her hand with his, and it started all over again.