Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why am I the BAD GUY?!?!?

Wanna hear about my past week? Like to hear it...well here it go-

Well, I was invited to Dallas for All-Star Weekend (Feb. 14). I was kinda excited... New guy-friend was doing well... Plans changed quickly when I found out I was on call. I tell the new guy and he's like 'no problem, I'm coming there anyway, so we'll meet up and do something'. I'm like, 'good deal...see ya then'. This is what by day...

Monday= HIM: 'My homebody and I rented a car, and he's setting up butt-action, so he took the car... you wanna come pick me up? If not, I won't be able to see you til tomorrow'. ME: 'Ehhh tomorrow it is then'. HIM: 'that's messed up... you should come get me'. ME: 'Ehhh, tomorrow it is then... or else ummm never it can be.' (LOL... well- I don't know him like that to be shuttling his ass around... I was gonna MEET him out..not RIDE WITH HIM and vice versa)

Tuesday= HIM: 'We're stuck on the bridge in traffic, and we're running out of gas...we'll never make it to the [Saints Victory] parade. ME: 'well that's okay, we're going to bourbon me when you make it there. HIM: 'come get me, we're stuck and we're running out of gas'. ME: 'well that was silly...why drive when you're on E- you never know what traffic will be like...and no, I'm not getting in all that traffic... I don't know you for you to be all up in my car and stuff... no me if/when ya'll make it to Bourbon'. HIM: 'see, that's that bullshit'. ME: 'oh..the parade is starting... call AAA...I can't hear you... bye". (I mean, what he want me to do? that was stupid!...LOL)

Wednesday= HIM: 'we're going out to the Republic... come meet us'. ME: 'aight, let me call my biz...see ya then..' HIM: 'oh, we at the W right's our first stop. ME: 'cool...I'm coming in now...come to the lobby. HIM: <15 minutes later> Oh hey...there you are, I been looking for you... (A LIE- the spot has ONE door in and ONE door out...LOL). ME: Umm hmm... when are we going to the Republic? HIM: 'now' ME: 'aight...see you there'. HIM: I have the VIP bracelet...let me get you one... ME: 'excellent'. HIM: <20 minutes later> Oh hey...ummm there you are. (MIND YOU I HADN'T MOVED!!!) I enjoyed my lil time, then told him I was going home. HIM: 'yeah, this party is kinda wack...I'm leaving too... I'm coming by your place'. ME: "umm I can't stop you from leaving, but you will NOT be at my place tonight'. HIM: 'see, that's that bullshit.. .I mean fuck... do I not look good or something?" <<>> ME: yeah, you cute...but you gonna be cute in what ever hotel you got... I'll see you tomorrow. HIM: 'see, I can't stand bi...I mean girls who too good to give it up on the first night.' ME: see, it's patients like you who have to visit the clinic a lot too... goodbye, good night... get home safely...get to dallas in piece..and PEACE.

THEN the 22 year old who is trying so hard... (sigh) can't do it KIDDO! Just can't DO IT... maybe it's me, but that is WWWAAYY young for me... I think I'm too young to start such COUGAR action...don't cha think! LOL

NOW- I'm the bad guy...LOL why I gotta be the bad guy?!


  1. You go girl! I wish I could come up with replies like yours in the same situation. Not that I've been in that situation for awhile lol!

  2. you better leave them young boys alone. lol

  3. LOL Tunde... WHO YOU TELLING... but the thing is... I don't seek out these similac chirrenz! Apparently all the 29-35 year olds here are married, in jail, or gay...OR SOMETHING! LOL Good thing my relationship with Trey Songz and Darren Sharper and Jerome Bettis is going strong! WHEW! LOL

    I'm actually workin on a potion to create 'him' who ever he might be...when I get it all finished, Imma have a grand unveiling, and Imma invite you- show you Imma scientist too! lol