Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ohhhh I'm telling.....


Kristina and her date Michael are out for a night on the town. Kristina is enjoying her night out, dancing the night away. Michael walks away to get more drinks from the bar. In the mean time, Kristina looks over to her left to notice Eric. Not out of the ordinary because Eric is a local socialite, so no big deal right? WRONG! Eric happens to be dating Kristina's best friend Melissa. Kristina and Michael had planned a double date with Eric and Melissa but it didn't work out because Melissa told Kristina that Eric told her that he was too sick to go out, and that he was going to chill home alone for the night. As Kristina waited for Michael to return with the drinks, she sees a little young thang walk up to Eric and they engage in an embrace; one that appeared more than just friendly in nature. And immediately after the hug came a pretty long lip lock. At this point, Kristina is furious. Eric and Melissa had been dating for months now, and Kristina had seen him enteract with Melissa. He acted as if Melissa was THE ONLY ONE for him. He acted as if he'd never ever do anything to hurt her- of course, this means he wouldn't cheat.

Michael finally arrives with the drinks and notices Kristina visibly upset. Kristina gives Michael the run down. She also tells Michael what she had decided to do about the little situation unfolding in her face. Michael stongly disagreed. What was she gonna do you ask? Well, Kristina had decided to approach Eric. Not to 'cause a scene', but just to 'speak' or to make her presence known. Michael's idea was to 'leave it alone, it wasn't her business'.....

Who's right? Is Kristen doing the right thing by making her presence known to Eric? Should she tell her friend Melissa that Eric is a big fat liar and he's not sick, but out at the club lip locking with some other girl? Is Michael right? Should Kristina just leave it alone and pretend that she sees nothing and live with the fact that her BFF's love is no good? What would you do?

****I have a good idea of who will answer how! I just think it's interesting how our brains work when it's man -vs- woman'. Let's see what answers we get!*****



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  2. Yes she should leave it alone. When her friend asks for an advice about Eric then she can tell her, until then she should stay back.

  3. I don't think there is any harm in her making her presence known to eric. That way he might go confess melissa.

  4. i would leave it alone. often times the person who tells gets a lot of backlash. if she's going to find out she will find out on her own.