Friday, October 1, 2010

Just a little rant... that's all...

Earlier today, I saw a tweet from a friend that said (in so many words):
Never take love advice from someone who is single and never take financial advice from someone who is broke

Now I've heard this before, but seriously people... WHY?!?!

Anybody stop to think that the advice the single person gives can actually be good? Anybody ever stop to think that the single person is single because he or she actually bettered them selves by DROPPING a mate who was no good? Anybody ever stop to think, 'hey, he/she might be single because he/she was tired of dragging along dead weight (the bf/gf)'. 'Hey, let me ask him/her how did he/she gather up the courage enough to break free and upgrade?' (and by upgrade in this situation, I mean from involved and miserable to single and grand). Anybody ever consider that?

And the one about the financial advice. WHY NOT take advice from a broke person? THe broke person has GOT to know how to lose money... So if he or she can tell you how to lose money..take that advice and tweek it (and by tweek it I mean- do the opposite!) Anybody ever stop to think that the broke fella/lady has learned from his or her financial mistakes and now can offer advice on how NOT to go broke? Hmmmm?!?

Yeah- sometimes cliches just sound 'profound', but are they really THAT deep? C'mon folks.. if you THINK you won't have to spit out cliches to sound all philosophical and 'deep'.

Anyway- random rants... LOL I'm done!

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  1. Hey,Ms. Sylaneous. Nice Blog :) Yes, I am single and I have a friend that's seeing someone and she always asks me for advice, and secondly, Broke people are the richest ever, oxymoron, right?? But, if you think about it, never see a bum without food, beer, and me I cant remember the last time, someone asked me for money, Lol. (Don't take the comment negatively, I help out many whenever I can and sometimes even if I cant.) The point is true, they know how to make whatever money they have last and some people I know cant even keep money in their pocket...uhh (I plea the fifth) haha, but I love this random rant. Nice :D