Friday, October 1, 2010

WTF fella?!?!

I got this video from my homie Tunde over here at Check him out...he's got pretty good stuff over there...

Apparently I tend to enjoy the 'debates' on what women want/men want in relationships. And when I saw this video, I felt overly compelled to respond! LOL It's all in fun..with a twist of TRUTH! The video...

My Responses:
Thing #5-'s not that I'm a broke bitch.. We normally KEEP money because the boo normally pays for it. I'm not asking cause I don't have.. I'm asking so I can KEEP mine! LOL You not having now means you REALLY are broke and obviously DUMB to think I wouldn't already have it! :-)

Thing #4- Oh... the lil dick was ALWAYS an issue. We just kept getting what we wanted, so we tolerated and celebrated the baby paynus to boost your ego. Your boosted ego= my pockets stay on swole cause I'm spending YOUR cash that you apparently don't really have... because ..well refer to #5... LOL

Thing #3- well.. this one was just funny.. 'P*ssy ain't supposed to come with a pop quiz!' HAHAHA (oh..BUT yes- the paynus is STILL small... but I STILL need YOUR money that you probably don't really have to get my nails and hair did... LOL so yes...I will scream and act the part... refer to Numbers 5 and 4 pls!)

Thing #2- This one is funny too.. but I Wish a mudda flucka WWOOUULLLDDD lay his hands on me... LOL I'd kick him in his lil baby paynus THEN call the cops! LOL

Thing #1- YESSS I wanna know dayum it. I wanna know so I can get the neccessary tests if needed.. YESSS I wanna know..and if you say yes.. Imma be all up in yo face.. and Imma dare that you hit me..cause if you do..Imma (pls refer to #2). LOL But seriously... don't we can't handle the truth..we can handle the truth... we are just if you say something that's hurtful, we will react. If you tell me you cheated and I DON'T react... May I suggest that you vacate the premisis and do NOT..I NOT eat the spaghetti! :-)


  1. you're responses only make me more confused about women. that is all.

  2. WHY? What's so confusing about it? The older I get the more I keep seeing that we aren't the confusing and difficult ones... it's YA'LL! We ask for truth, ya'll dance around it... We SAY what we want... ya'll dance around it...

  3. "Baby paynus" - hilarious!

    Merry Christmas, Ms. S. I hope you have a wonderful day. xx.