Friday, December 18, 2009

Tis the Season Right? Making my list

Today is December 18, 2009. Christmas is 7 days away. I don't get to go home for Christmas because I'm on call! YYIIPPEEE **insert sarcasm here please**. I have not purchased ONE gift! Lucky for me, I'm not married, I'm single, my sister is grown, no kids, and younger cousins are all old enough to know the real meaning of Christmas.

I'm not going to kid myself though. Although we were raised with the whole Santa thing, we were also taught the real reason for the season. I can't lie- it ROCKS to get cool stuff for Christmas. This year, I've dropped the ball! I have not gone shopping yet! I'm making my list tonight, spending all day tomorrow shopping. I have a general idea for my dad, mom, and sister. In my family, we pull names as secret Santas (my mom and her siblings pull, then my sister and I pull names with our 8 cousins). I'm the oldest, and I think everybody still expects a little some thing from me even though I didn't get their name! It's okay though, they're all my 'babies' and I don't care if the youngest is no 16! (Sniffle sniffle- they grow up so friggin fast don't they?!!?) One of my cousins has 3 little ones- who I will try not to spoil, but the 5 and 4 year old little boys will most def get a noisy boy toy and the little 3 year old girl will get a doll that's tough enough for her! The older cousins (at least the 4 I get a little for) will get a little cash. The 17 and 16 year old boys will get a $10.00 each. I know- not much, but HEY- I'm just the cousin, and it will get a snack after school or something. The 16 year old girl..well she's my special one. Her moma (my aunt) has been sick for a while and hasn't been able to work. Her dad isn't REALLY in the picture, so my sister and I try to make sure she doesn't 'need' anything. So- I'll probably give her a little cash and make sure she has a new pair of shoes for school and probably a little 'extra' something. (What teen doesn't appreciate a 'fun' gift to go along with the needed things ya know). My 21 year old cousin is also my special one too. He dad died when she was 12. Her mom/aunt had done an amazing job with her and her 16 year old brother (mentioned earlier). She is a jr in college, on the dean's list for all 3 years! (Yeeahhh go smart family!) Her mom is a kindergarten teacher, so she doesn't make a whole lot... so again, my sister and I try to make sure she doesn't need anything. I don't know what she really needs, so I think I'll give her $25.00 for what ever and then I will take her shopping after the holidays (better sales, and she is a bargin shopper).

My sister- hmm let's see... that girl needs NOTHING! LOL She's HINTED at a Wii, so who knows, I might get that for her and tell my parents to get her that yoga game that she 'HINTS' at!

My dad- I think I'll get him some fancy liquor for his 'man dome'! (He build a HUGE mini-house behind our house with his TV, flat screen, pool table, dart board, card table, and mini bar).

My mom- currently losing a TON of weight... I'll prob get her a UP TO DATE outfit... my poor mom dresses like an old woman! LOL she's only 51!

As for me- all I really want is for everybody to be happy and have fun. My fam has decided they are coming to New Orleans for Christmas because I can't go home until Dec 26th (when I am off call at 7am). I just don't know if that's a good idea because I only have a 2 br apt, while spacious, it's not big enough for the 10 people who will probably come!

I have to say, I haven't been in a huge 'CHRISTMAS-Y' spirit this year. I think it's because this year I've been awakened to so much. Often times we wait until 'holidays' to count our blessings, but this year- I've been reminded of my abundant blessings daily. At work I'm a dental resident at University Hospital, where we see many free care patients, and very sick patients. I see so many conditions and so many situations that make me feel 'CHRISTMAS-Y' daily. I think that's my gift...and it started back in July when I started working there. That's not to say I've never felt greatful for my blessings, it's just when you're around less fortunate people, it reminds you that what ever you have, could be gone at any moment. It reminds you to give thanks for the accomplishments you've acquired. It allows you to use your God given gifts to possibly uplift the spirits of others and offer kinds words and offer a smile to some people who haven't seen and/or heard things like that in years.

I will say- I've left work several times quite flustered and completely worn out. Despite that, I can always think back to the cancer patient I was able to extract his/her teeth in one appointment, so that he/she could start radiation therapy 2 days earlier than expected. I think about the denture patient who tried to committ suicide by shooting himself in the face. His story chills me to the bone, and I relish in the fact that he's much more appreciative of his life and I was able to give him the smile he's longed for. Every time I can see a patient smile after I remove a painful tooth, or fill a painful tooth, or deliver teeth (dentures), it's like a big ole fat present- daily! LOL

How can I be so lucky! I've worked for 10 years to get here...HHHAARRDD work I tell ya. And I can truly say I'm blessed enough to know that the results are very rewarding and I actually LOVE what I do!

Happy Holidays everybody...
and don't forget- it's good to give gifts and all, but there is a much bigger picture. And I encourage everybody to find that Christmas spirit daily though.. I know I have and I never want to let the feeling go!

Merry Christmas (or Happy what ever you celebrate!)


  1. Hiya Mary,

    Thanks for taking a read!
    I think if you find the humor in life while dealing with the reality of life, the stress isn't as bad... If you laugh/smile, the world laughs and smiles with you..if you cry/frown...well, you'll be doing that, while stressing and WHILE the world STILL laughs at you... Feel free to check out some past blogs in your down time! Happy Holiday!