Thursday, December 17, 2009 many of us have them?!?!

Hiya all! Miss me? Well, I've been gone a minute, no particular reason- but I'm back now. Nothing major to blog about, so Imma talk about my trip to ATL real quick. Since I graduated from Meharry and moved to New Orleans, I've been a little outside of my element. I love the city, but haven't had anyone to really get out and enjoy things with. My best friend graduated from Meharry in 2008 and moved to Shereveport, a few hours away from here. We haven't gotten to hang out very much. In July for Essence and recently when we decided to go to ATL for the Falcons/Saints game. BOY! what a drive!!! Anyway, it was good to hang out again.

I was thinking recently about how we have friends/associates in and out of our lives for specific reasons. I have friends who I've known for 30 years. We're still very much so friends, but we don't talk very much, but I know they'll be there for me if I ever needed them and vice versa. They are my Original BFFs. I have several friends I met in college, one in particular who quickly became my college BFF. I'm the 'tee-tee V' to her 3 year old Chole and 10 month old Parker (they're so cute...LOL). When I went to Meharry, I met a few folks and was cool with a lot of them... but my friend India eventually became my Meharry BFF. Sure, I had other friends, but India was always more relatable. We were so similar, but where we differed, we respected each other's differences. So this blog is just a shout out to my BFF India...and a tribute to 'good friends' all over the world! It's great to have good friends huh?

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