Thursday, January 28, 2010

Morning Noon and Night (per Twitter's Freaky Friday)

I've been doing this Twitter thing for a minute now. It's kinda fun. I have some of the FUNNIEST friends on there who keep me cracking up all day! And I'm sooo not exaggerating. There is 'theme'/trending topic almost everyday. Wednesdays have kinda become my favorite... it's 'Wet Wednesdays'. Friday has the potential to be just as interesting with it's 'Freaky Friday' theme. A friend posted a blog for Freaky Friday. I kinda said I was going to post one too...1/2 joking 1/2 serious. His response was 'do it and let me know so I can read it'. Seems innocent right? Well you gotta know this cat...LOL I took that as a challenge as if I wouldn't. So, to you Mister- here it is...

Morning, Noon, and Night

In the MORNING, we do as babies do. You begin to know me- I begin to know you. I am lulled by your voice, sedated by your tone, calmed by your scent, adn comforted by your presence. You are feeling the same....This, I already know. Not many words at this stage, not quite at that age. We communicate at this point with long glares and with abundant smiles..... We are at rest.

Before we know it, it's now NOON. Now we do as many teens do. I am enthralled by your voice, teased by your tone, enchanted by your scent and tempted by your presence. And you by mine. We spend endless time making love...not physically, for we are still not yet of that age to know what that truly is. You make love to me mentally, and I to you in exchange. You say things I need ot hear, things I want to hear. I reciprocate... whispering closer and closer to your ear. I notice you begin to tense the closer I draw near. For reasons beyond your control, you reach out and wrap me in you. For reasons beyond mine, I allow your hands to rendezvous about my body. I lay partially beneath you, almost motionless aside from the heavy breathing and the pounding of hearts. I gently reach up and wipe away the sweat that has cluttered your perfect face. We lay.... anxious... in each other's arms.... We are at play.

NIGHT is upon us. We do as adults do. I am beckoned by your voice, enticed by your tone, seduced by your scent, adn overcome by your presence. You- relax and watch me undress.... enjoy the show, 'cause you are next. The skin unites and all sense of life out side is forgotten. I watch you... you watch me. I feel you....when you fill me up with pure thick satisfaction. I am at this point and time, your life and you mine. I try to remain calm and still as you begin to explore with your eyes, lips, your tongue and more. I lost all composure when your north met my south. Sending tremors- all through me. My exploration has now begun. I feel your increased intensity with every kiss, lick and nibble from me. *wink* you're welcome...and thank you. Sweat glistening, pounding- both of hearts and souls, breath and strokes, both deep and long... Trying to hold... don't know for how long.... Each time is better... wetter, and more passionate than before.... We are at work.


  1. Good Lord! - I must start going to the dentists more often!

  2. HAHAHAHA! @Cheyelle silly!!
    I try @ca88andra
    thanks@ Tunes... stay tunde...there's more to come...

    (Okay, so I was about to correct my mistake, but Imma leave it... it's really kinda funny to me!)

  3. eh hum...think i'll take a cold shower now...