Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Am I crazy?

Okay- So maybe I'm crazy! I don't know what in the world is going on lately in my 'less than perfect' romantic (or lack there of) world. Well, the guy I had been with for years refused to work, so I refused KEEP supporting us both. He's out the door (3 months now). I'm not one of those who sulks and moans and gets depressed, so- I'm ready to move on! LOL I tried, for 5 years (off and on) with that dude darn it!
Well... in the past there were 3 guys I've been involved with at some point in time. 2 of the three I was REALLLLLY into. The 3rd one... ummm I'm STILL kinda out on him. Anyway. One of them likes to just flirt and play games. I welcome that. It would be different if we were still in the same state, but I'm in New Orleans, he's in Nashville. Sadly, I THINK I'm realizing he's not AS into me as I thought and as much as he's pretended to be. Anyway, again... I don't sulk and mope..soooo..
Now- these other two fellas. The one I'm still kinda 'out' on. He's a cool cat. I liked talkin to him, but I must have met him when I was about 24. He was probably 30. As we talked I found out he was a divorcee with 3 kids! THAT thew me off! I wasn't ready for that. And his oldest was about 15! (*disclaimer: I have nothing against divorced people. I just feel you should be true to yourself and do what feels right for you. At that time in my life, I wasn't ready to deal with the 'ex-wives' and 'befriending the kids'. I can't say I'll never date a divorced person... all I'm saying is AT THAT TIME I wasn't ready..) I just wasn't ready for that... so I put him in the 'friend' zone. I mean I'm NOT crazy for that, I was ONLY 24... I wasn't ready to be dating somebody with 3 kids. I don't like to date JUST FOR FUN. I'd like to date a guy I felt could 'go somewhere' ya know? Well tonight, via chat on FB- about 1 minute into the chat session, he types: Man, you know what? I'm tired of this- it's time. Time to stop playing games. You're out of school now- it's time for us to get married."
Am I crazy to think that whole 'you're out of school now' comment was stupid? LOL I mean what's changed? While I was in school I worked and had my stuff together. I didn't 'NEED' him financially then and I don't need him Financially now. So- why even concern yourself with me being in or out of school?
The other guy. Aww man, he was my sweetie! LOL I really liked him. He pretty much won me over on our first date! (I didn't tell him that though- had to make him work a little!). He lived a few hours away, but would hop a flight in a minute to visit me. (yeah- I know...). After a few months, I brought up 'relationships' and his response was, "I like you alot, but you're in school- we can't be together".
Am I crazy to think...'welllll dude, I was in school when you met me, and that didn't stop you then...WHY now?" Am I crazy? Maybe I am!!!
Anyway, so he and I keep in touch. He text me a few days ago saying he would be in my city and wanted to grab dinner or something. Of course I'm down, but that doesn't change the fact that you wanted me but didn't want me because I was in school!
Then he continues with, 'you know V, I was thinking, it's time for us to stop fighting this feeling. You're out of school now. We can proceed- pick up where we left off. I'd love to be married and start havign kids by next year'.
EXCUSE ME?!?!?! you want to do what?!?! with who?!?! and WHY?!?! Am I'm crazy to think that this dude is retarded? He didn't want me just 2 years ago 'be cause I was in school'. OMG are you serious?!?! I wasn't in high school! I wasn't in Junior College! I wasn't even in undergrad! I was in friggin dental school! I wasn't 19, not even 21... I was GROWN..FULLY I was like 26 or 27!
Okay- vent session over! LOL
carry on!

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